"Eva Salina lent her poised, lustrous voice to songs from the Balkans..."--Jon Pareles, New York Times, 1/15/18

3/12/18:Review in Shepherd Express:" can hear the click-clank of Stan’s accordion keys and the powerful intimacy of Salina’s singing. All that’s missing are the clinking slivovitz glasses."

"Radical achievement...revolutionary vision...the nuance and poignancy of Eva Salina’s richly emotive vocals transcend the limits of language: sometimes tender, sometimes coy, often harrowingly plaintive...Spin one of this decade’s most exhilarating albums and discover two Balkan icons, one from the past and the other who promises to be one in the future." --New York Music Daily

Listen below to a recent conversation with Christopher Michel of Velvet Einstein following Eva's performance at Yerba Buena Gardens Festival in San Francisco (7/9/17):


"The record is a triumph. Salina—who wisely eschews any attempt to Westernize or commercialize the music—sings passionately and powerfully." --No Depression

"An ode to romantic Balkan outlaw Šaban Bajramović, Lema Lema is soaked in both respect of the culture that has inspired her music and the inquisitive, experimental tastes of the 21st century to help make her mark as an individualized artist." --PopMatters

"In short, Eva Salina has brought a really phenomenal recording into the tradition. It is very risky business to tackle the repertoire of such a respected and well known artist but Eva has done just that, infusing a lifetime of respect, passion and soul into these tremendous songs of one of Balkan music’s greatest treasures." --Folkworks

"As you can see and hear, Eva Salina is the real thing. Lema Lema is a superb album." --The Green Man Review

INTERVIEW: Sacramento Bee (6/23/2017)

Songlines profile: INTRODUCING EVA SALINA (Songlines #118, 2016).